I speak for not only myself but on behalf of women who are yet to find their voice.

I am a psychology graduate and writing enthusiast.  My nine-to-five is working in the corporate sector, but my real passion is in being an advocate for women.

As a former Women’s Advocate for Shakti Australia, I provided advocacy and support services for vulnerable women from Asian, African and Middle Eastern backgrounds in Australia.  My work here aimed to empower women, young people & children to become agents of social change, speaking out against culturally-sanctioned oppression and abuse. Now in my own time, I write for my blog The Female Factor and participate in public speaking events, so that I can speak up on behalf of women who are yet to find their voice.

Mary Wollstonecraft quoted “I do not wish women to have power over men, but over themselves”. Much of my work as a feminist is based on empowering women to take ownership of themselves through instilling self-belief, self-love and self-motivation. I believe empowerment is the key to unlocking the potential of women.

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